The PLAIN Janes is a young adult graphic novel series about a popular girl turned art activist and her gang of outcasts as they "attack" their suburban town with public works of art.

The PLAIN Janes was the inaugural book in DC Comics' short-lived, young adult graphic novel imprint, Minx.

"*Starred Review* The book has its share of stereotypes--the science geek, the psychotically overprotective mother, the irrepressible gay teen--but this is thought-provoking stuff. The art, inspired by Dan Clowes' work, is absolutely engaging. Packaged like manga this is a fresh, exciting use of the graphic-novel format. "
— Booklist

"*Starred Review* Rugg's drawings aren't in superhero or manga style, but resemble the more spare, clean style of alternative comics creators such as Dan Clowes and Craig Thompson. A thoughtful look at the pressures to conform and the importance of self-expression, this is also a highly accessible read. Regular comics readers will enjoy it, but fans of soul-searching, realistic young adult fiction should know about it as well."
— School Library Journal

READ an excerpt of the PLAIN Janes here.

Created by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
2 volumes published by DC Comics
177 - b/w pages
5" x 8 "SC
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1401211158

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