Friday, December 17, 2010


I Am 8-Bit produced a limited edition, 12" vinyl record of Sascha's game soundtrack from Tron Evolution.

When they contacted me about working on the artwork, I was ecstatic! I LOVE the original Tron movie, and look forward to seeing the new one. Plus the idea of doing album art in general is pretty awesome. If you don't believe me, go check out Picturebox's book about superstar album artists, Hipgnosis. Amazing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miracleman 13

Read Miracleman 11-13. Glad I read 15 and 16 first. Knowing the payoff gives these issues a bit more weight. These early chapters lack the urgency, chaos, and power of the conclusion. However, they are very pretty and some of Moore's ideas are astounding.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Miracleman vs. Stardust

Read Miracleman 15 and 16 this morning. I was familiar with this story but hadn't sat down and read it before.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Art Show in Arlington

Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World

Arlington Arts Center
NOV 19, 2010 - JAN 16, 2011
Opening reception: Friday, November 19, 7 – 9 pm Members only preview 6 - 7 pm

PARTY CRASHERS mashes up comic art and contemporary gallery culture. Featuring Gabrielle Bell, Deb Sokolow, Derik Badman, Robert Pruitt, Victor Kerlow, Blaise Larmee, Warren Craghead III, Jamar Nicholas, Anton Kannemeyer (aka Joe Dog), Jeffrey Brown, Dash Shaw, Rosaire Appel, Andrei Molotiu, Rina Ayuyang, Joshua Cotter, Olav Westphalen, and me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romance Comics

Smoke Signal romance comic panel

Been super busy with different stuff, mostly illustration work. But I have a couple of comic strips debuting at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Novels Festival. One will appear in the FREE anthology Secret Prison and this one will be in the FREE anthology Smoke Signal. There will also be a new full-color USApe strip in the next issue of Pood.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

PIX: This Weekend (and some other junk)

If you're in Pittsburgh this weekend, check out the Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo (PIX). It's Saturday and Sunday and FREE to attend. If you know someone in the area that might be interested, pass it on. Thanks.

City vs. CPRB

I drew an illustration in this week's Pittsburgh City Paper. It was fun, a bit of a nod to editorial cartooning which is something I haven't done in the past. You can read the article online.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Highwater Books, I salute you!

An art show about Highwater Books has inspired the interneterati to reminisce. I’d be remiss if I passed up the opportunity to add to the cacophony so here I go.

A quick background, I started making comics and had just dived into the independent/small press scene in the late 90s/early 00s. One of my gateways into this world was Brian Ralph’s Cave-In (published by Highwater). My enjoyment of that book steered me to more Highwater artists, mini-comics, and books at SPX. Highwater rewired my thinking about the comics making process,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Katamari fundraiser artwork for sale

Floating World Comics organized a Katamari themed art show, and now the artwork is being auctioned off on ebay. 100% of the proceeds will go to JOIN - a local nonprofit organization that works to “connect the street to a home”. There is a lot of great looking original art and archive prints and they are very affordable!

You could own a limited edition color print of my piece or the original artwork.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should SPX be free?

SPX 2010 haul

I remember talking to a 60 year old woman at my first Small Press Expo in 2000. She was a teacher and had heard that comics were being used in some classrooms. Somehow she heard of SPX, and decided to see what the fuss was about. I was stunned. In 2000, this was not a familiar conversation for me. It is one of my favorite comic book show experiences.

SPX is an amazing show and has influenced my work more than any other comic book show. With that in mind, I wonder if it’s time for the show to drop its admission fee and reposition itself as THE East Coast comic book show.

According to Publishers Weekly paid attendance for this year’s show was a little over 2000 people. Meanwhile, TCAF’s attendance level this year was 12,000 according to Chris Butcher.

SPX began in the 1990s, during one of the worst financial periods in comics history – the speculator market had collapsed, all of the major comics distributors folded (except for Diamond), and Marvel declared bankruptcy. SPX was a beacon of hope in this dark time, and in my mind it was a precursor of the state of the industry today. It welcomed genre work like David Lapham’s Stray Bullets and Frank Miller’s Sin City. It celebrated creator-owned works like those of the Spirit of Independence tour (Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, Steve Bissette, Dave Sim, Rick Veitch). It offered comic book creators and fans an alternative to Marvel and DC’s superhero, corporate-owned melodramas. Located near New York City and its traditional publishing houses, it was a showcase for literary and art comics, and contributed to the rise of the graphic novels that are so prevalent now. For many years it exhibited with ICAF – an academic and international comic conference that championed comics as an art form. In addition to showcasing cartoonists’ talent to new fans, creators, and editors, SPX became a venue for many publishers to promote new business models like Top Shelf and Oni’s graphic novel-based lines or Highwater and Picturebox’s art and design-conscious work.

This year, I have done shows all over the country. It seems like there are three shows every weekend – from small regional dealer shows to extravagant pop culture events. I have been surprised at every show by the level of enthusiasm and the size and diversity of crowds.

Book publishers, movie studios, Walmart, G4, the internet, libraries, artists, writers, and cartoonists have been banging the drum for the last decade that comics aren’t just for kids anymore. I think that message has sunk in.

A lot of the success of comics today can be traced back to SPX. It is a brand with history, value, longevity, and a great location (I mean the East Coast and Washington DC, not any particular venue).

This show hasn’t changed a lot in the last 10 years, while the comics industry (like many industries) seems to be in a constant state of flux. As more and more specialty retail stores close (like Giant Robot in New York), I believe trade shows will play a bigger, more prominent role in the immediate future. With San Diego’s assimilation into LA’s hype machine, SPX could become THE comic book show.

So my question is, would it be feasible for SPX to hire a PR firm, and see about getting its attendance up to 10,000+?

*I know part of SPX's charter is to raise funds for CBLDF. But I think if the attendance were to double, triple, quadruple, or more...that the lost revenue from free admission could be made up in extra table sales (there's always a waiting list), extra fundraising events (membership drives, auctions, etc.), merchandise sales, etc. Not to mention raising overall awareness of the CBLDF and its mission.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Read Rambo 3.5 for FREE

Rambo 3.5 is nominated for the Outstanding Mini-Comic Ignatz Award at SPX this Saturday. In an effort to prepare voters for this responsibility, we have decided to post Rambo 3.5 online for educational purposes (we'll also have copies available at the show!).


Please be sure and forward this to all of your friends, make torrents, shout from the rooftops, etc.

If you're attending SPX, I'll be at the Adhouse Books table with a couple of new things for you to check out - a collection of commissions (most of which you can see on my Flickr account), COMIXED UP (a zine/mini-comic of cartoon and comic character mash-ups), and the new issue of PAPERCUTTER (with an all-new, never-before-seen Bald Eagle one pager co-written with Brian Maruca):

I'm also doing a panel on Sunday:

Commercial Eruptions

4:00 | Brookside Conference Room

Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Afrodisiac) and Frank Santoro (Storeyville, Cold Heat) have produced auteurial work that shows the influence of commercial comics, and have brought an independent sensibility to work for publishers like Marvel Comics. In a conversation moderated by Tim Hodler, the two cartoonists will reflect on what they have learned from the contents and processes of historical commercial comics and how they reinterpret their influences when working for corporate publishers.

Finally, I contributed a short strip to the new Fort Thunder Monster anthology which debuts at SPX (and I couldn't be more excited to see)!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baltimore Comicon and PIX

Daredevil and Elektra

I will be at Baltimore Comi-Con this weekend, at booth 1904 (Adhouse Books). I'll have my usual assortments of books, prints, and artwork as well as copies of my Ignatz-nominated Rambo mini-comic and a new book of commissions and other drawings.

PIX poster color 1

Pittsburgh gets its very own Indy Comics show (PIX) - October 16 + 17. Brought to you by the fine folks at the Toonseum and the Copacetic Comics Company! Add this to your calendars folks - admission is FREE! Tables for exhibitors are inexpensive. Please check it out, and pass it along to anyone you think might be interested! Thanks.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Laura Park is having surgery

She has set up a donation page to help offset the cost of the emergency back surgery. Any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated. If you're unfamiliar with Ms. Park's beautiful artwork, you can see lots of it here.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scott Pilgrim, Milk & Cheese, Batman

Scott Pilgrim's Super Fun Party

Legendary St. Louis comic shop, the Star Clipper has posted some recommended graphic novels to read after you've enjoyed Scott Pilgrim. Street Angel clocks in at a respectable number 2.

Meanwhile, over at Comics Comics, you can see a poorly-scripted imitation of Evan Dorkin's Milk & Cheese duking it out with a poorly-drawn imitation of Neal Adams' Batman. Here are the original pencils:

Finally, Multiversity Comics: Off the Cape column reviews Afrodisiac: "If you're looking for one of the best characters in comics in recent memory as well as a book that acts as a grand tribute to years upon years of pop culture (not just comic pop culture), this book is definitely for you."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skate 3 postcards

Skate 3 postcard

I designed some postcards for a release party for EA's Skate 3 a couple months ago in LA.

This was an unused design that I kind of liked:
Skate 3 postcard rough

And here are some of the roughs I initially submitted. I like the diagram of the skater with the body parts labeled as cuts of meat:
Skate 3 roughs

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smirnoff Graphic


I recently did a series of illustrations for a Smirnoff event in Toronto called Graphic. Here is a link to a more detailed description and photos from the event:

It was a very enjoyable job that included an invitation, map, projected images (that changed throughout the night depending on what was happening at the party), and large blown up prints of my drawings:






Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I won't be at Comicon this year, but I will be representin'.

Marvel v Capcom front

First up, I designed a limited edition t-shirt for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (above is the front, below is the back).

Marvel v Capcom back

Next, I have a drawing in the CBLDF/TFAW auction of Felicia Day as Codex (her alter-ego in the Guild). In addition to bidding on the original art, I think they printed a bunch of cards with this image that you can have Ms. Day sign.


And finally, last but not least...


Two items of note:

1. The Street Angel short film is screening on Thursday as part of Comicon's Independent Film Festival. If you're at the show and have an interest in seeing this film, now is your chance. We have no other screenings scheduled at this time so check it out while you can.

2. Street Angel is back in print from the fine folks at SLG. They went all out with this second printing, and the slick, coated paper makes a ton of difference. If you enjoyed our work on Afrodisiac and you've been wanting to check out Street Angel, you can grab a copy right from the publisher! Tell 'em we sent you, they'll like that! And while you're at SLG's booth, check out some of their other offerings. They publish a bunch of amazing books from classic Evan Dorkin and Jhonen Vasquez comics to new works from James Turner (Rex Libris, Warlord of Io), Faith Erin Hicks (Zombies Calling, War at Ellsmere), Ross Campbell (Shadoweyes), Diana Thung (Captain Long Ears).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Return of the King

Afrodisiac returns to better comic book shop shelves across the nation - TODAY! Fresh off the presses, the new printing of the Afrodisiac is on uncoated paper this time out (a subtle but notable improvement in my opinion). So if you've been hearing good things, and want your own copy, you're in luck.

AIGA 50/50
Afrodisiac was selected in this year's AIGA 50/50 competition as an example of outstanding book design.

"This book is amazing, fun and impressive. It takes street smarts to college by offering thought-provoking styles and art."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rambo invades Earth

I'm pleased as punch to announce that a few more stores and distributors have joined the Rambo 3.5 army.

Below are links where you can find Rambo 3.5. As always, if you choose to order Rambo from one of these fine establishments, be sure and look around at some of their other offerings. These are some of my favorite sources for comics - show 'em some love, and find some awesome new reading materials!

Chapel Hill Comics
Velocity Comic
Phantom of the Attic in Oakland
Copacetic Comics
Sparkplug Comics
Desert Island
(DCBS) Discount Comic Book Service
Don's Atomic Comics

Not in the US of A? Not a problem! Freedom knows no border (and has no fear)!

the Beguiling
Gosh Comics

In case you aren't convinced, check out ghettoManga's Preview/Review of Rambo 3.5! Samax says it's "hilarious!" And we like Samax so we won't disagree!

Poopsheet review

Comics Reporter review

Comics Journal review

Finally, for your Rambo pleasure, cartoonist superbadass, Ben Marra gets deep inside Rambo II with Brandon Soderberg. They didn't teach this kind of stuff at my school!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Duncan the Wonder Dog

Adhouse Books (Afrodisiac's publisher) has a new book ready for pre-orders from your local comic book store. It is called Duncan the Wonder Dog and it's written and drawn by Xeric Award-winning cartoonist, Adam Hines.

This is a large book (400 pages) and Adhouse has posted a nice chunk of it for preview reading. I thought the preview was great! So if you have a few minutes to waste at work or on the bus, give this a look!

And if you enjoy boxing (Raging Bull, George Bellows' boxing paintings, On the Waterfront, etc.), I think you'll love this preview.

George Bellows Stag at Sharky's (1909)

Here are book details:

What if animals could talk? Would some of them form a militant group in reaction to how humans treat them? Would humans treat them different? Come explore this dense tome of an alternate universe where the lavish renderings recall Dave McKean. 2009 Xeric winning Duncan the Wonder Dog WILL be one of the most talked about books of 2010.

4C cover
400 pages
8.5" x 11" SC
$24.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9770304-9-1
Shipping September 2010
Diamond order code: JUL10 0729

Monday, June 28, 2010

Street Angel film at Comicon and other places

Want to see the Street Angel short film? Here are some upcoming dates and places you can catch this mini-masterpiece:

June 18, 19, 25: Supernova, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
July 9-11: Famous Monsters of Filmland, Indianapolis, IN
THURSDAY, JULY 22: Comicon, San Diego, CA

You can also join the Street Angel short film Facebook group to keep up to date with any future screenings.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bill Boichel speaks at Carnegie Library TONIGHT!

Copacetic Comics Co. main man, Bill Boichel, will be giving a short talk at the Carnegie Library in Oakland this evening from 6 - 7. Here are details!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Afrodisiac on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Finally, the King of the Concrete Jungle goes digital - f*** Megapute! Thrill to the adventures of the Mack Knight on your favorite digital device! Run, don't walk to ComiXology TODAY!

Don't delay, turn your iPad into an iBadass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rambo everywhere

Rambo 3.5

Rambo is now available from these fine establishments:

Copacetic Comics
Sparkplug Comics
Desert Island
(DCBS) Discount Comic Book Service
Don's Atomic Comics

Justin Giampaoli at Poopsheet Foundation gives Rambo 3.5 an A+!
"...make no mistake about it, this book is hilarious. Jim Rugg is my comedic guru."

The 11 O'Clock crew gives Rambo 3.5 the once over.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to check out Rambo, and to spread the word about it. Freedom!

Monday, June 7, 2010

HeroesCon was grand

I'm back from Heroes and it was AWESOME! Thanks to Shelton, Dustin, and all the great folks who worked hard to make sure the show ran smoothly. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table or came to a panel. And thanks to all the cartoonists I got to meet and catch up with. I had a grand time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My Childhood Heroes

HeroesCon is this weekend, June 4-6, in Charlotte. I expect you all to be there.

The above image is my contribution to the HeroesCon Annual Art Auction. I'll be sitting next to Adhouse Books and super-talent Scott Morse (AA535):

I'll also be doing a few panels, here are the details on those:


3.00 PM
Room 207BCD
Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter meets with some of the brightest stars in the comic firmament to discuss how they learned to handle the age-old question: what do you do when comics becomes your livelihood? Joining Tom will be Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac), Ed Piskor (Wizzywig) and Raina Telgemeier (Smile).

4.30 PM
Room 208AB
With the increasing prevalence of technology, there are more ways to approach making comics than ever before, from good old fashion inks and brushes all the way to 100% digital comics. Join Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac), Roger Langridge (Muppet Show), and Drew Weing (Set To Sea) as they discuss their varying approaches to pen and ink and pixels, moderated by HeroesCon Creative Director (and cartoonist) Dustin Harbin.


IN CONVERSATION | Sammy Harkham & Jim Rugg
Room 208AB
Sammy Harkham (Kramer's Ergot, Crickets) and Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) are the two of the most innovative cartoonists working today. The Comics Reporter's Tom Spurgeon sits down with them to discuss their processes, influences, approaches to cartooning and more in what's sure to be a fascinating panel discussion.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking for a good Kickstarter project to fund?

One of my favorite cartoonists, T. Edward Bak (Service Industry), has started a Kickstarter to help cover supply costs, travel expenses, and a field drawing expedition through the Aleutian Islands for his current graphic novel, "WILD MAN - The Strange Journey and Fantastic Account of the Naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, From Bavaria to Bolshaya Zemlya (and Beyond)". The graphic novel is currently being serialized in Fantagraphics MOME anthology, and it is something to behold!

You can learn more and see lots of sample art at Mr. Bak's blog.

Please consider donating to this worthwhile project. And please post it everywhere you can!!! GO, T!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Comics Comics is having a fundraiser!!!

I donated a page from my Cold Heat Special #4 to help the effort and you can buy it for under $100 RIGHT NOW!

But that's not all.

Lots of great cartoonists have donated original art, one-of-a-kind commissions, gorgeous prints, and comics, Comics, COMICS!!!

Get three graphic novels Travel (Yuichi Yokoyama), Maggots (Brian Chippendale) and Monster Men (Takashi Nemoto) for the price of just one! - Chippendale and Yokoyama are two of my favorite, favorite cartoonists working in the world!!! And Monster Men is absolutely insane. You CANNOT go wrong with this deal - 3 great books for $20!!!

Original art by Dash Shaw, Ben Jones, Frank Santoro, Matthew Thurber, Frank King, Ernie Bushmiller. Lots of cool stuff to look at, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Captain America and FDR commission

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Carnegie Library last evening for my talk. Librarians Corey Wittig and Renee Alberts have put together a nice, monthly graphic novel discussion group. So if you're in the area and have an interest in the medium or what the library has to offer fans of comics, add it to your calendar. Next month's speaker is Pittsburgh treasure, Bill "Copacetic Comics" Boichel.

This Saturday, I'll be at Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne, IN. It's their inaugural show. They seem to be promoting it well, and I think it could be a very enjoyable show. If you're there, please stop by and introduce yourself. I'll have the usual stuff, including Rambo 3.5, which has gotten a couple nice mentions lately:

The Comics Journal: This comic is jammed with puns, cheap shots, double-entendres, adolescent sexual references and hilarious non-sequiturs. RAMBO 3.5 is gloriously inspired silliness, a comic destined for cult status.

The Comics Reporter: Mostly what you get is the infantile previous president's child-like social interaction with the dumb-as-ammo John Rambo character via cartooning that shifts style in a way reminiscent of Bill Sienkiewicz's 1980s pastiches on a similar group of scoundrels.

Brett Warnock (Top Shelf Comix): Rugg is nothing short of a fucking genius. So much so, even his "throwaway" stuff is brilliant.

I am down to my last 25 copies of the first printing of Afrodisiac, so if you're planning on grabbing that at Summit City, swing by early!

Indie Comics and Self Publishing! This panel offers our audience insight about the process of producing independent comics and self-published comics and doesn’t skimp on the pitfalls and hurdles that must be overcome. Self publishing can be excruciatingly difficult and endlessly rewarding. Join some of the best in the business for this sure to be lively discussion. Our panelists include: Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac, Street Angel, Comics Comics), Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire), Matt Kindt (Super Spy, Strange Tales, 3 Story), Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Unlikely, Sulk, Incredible Changebots), Andy Jewett (In This Corner, SICKO, Awesome 2: Awesomer), Shawn Pryor (Mercury & The Murd, Wasted Wonderland)

I have time for one more commission for Summit City. If you're interested email me ASAP. It's $100 for an 8 x 10, b/w drawing.

Captain America and FDR

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Carnegie Library in Oakland

Listen up, Pittsburgh Peeps! I'm flapping my gums at Carnegie Library (Oakland).

Date: Monday, May 17, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main (Oakland). I think it's going to be in the teen meeting room, but just ask someone if you can't find it.

I hope you can make it. I'll bring along some art, scripts, thumbnails...juggling equipment? This is a monthly event, I'm very happy I was invited to participate. Check it out. If you can't make it to this event, flag it on your calendar. They meet every month, cover different topics, have different guests, and basically talk comics in a way that's slightly different than your local comics store (and hey, combo the evening with a quick stop at Phantom of the Attic in Oakland before you swing by the library - that's my plan for tomorrow).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TCAF, I'm on a panel (and a few other GEMS)...

...come and see me say, "uh, like," and "y'know," over and over, while rubbing the sleep out of my weary eyes. It will be way more fun than browsing a room full of the world's greatest cartoonists with their fancy new books and art.

Here are the details:

Saturday, May 8th, 9:30 – 10:15am, Learning Center 1

People make comics to tell stories. But how are those stories affected by the art style they’re told in? What are the ways that art style change the content, audience, and storytelling for a comic? Do artists choose their style, or does their style choose them? Featuring Dave Roman, Salgood Sam, Jim Rugg, James Turner, and Abby Denson. Moderated by Walter Dickinson.

After the panel, you can find me at:

TABLE 146 (next to Adhouse Books)

Afrodisiac and Spider-Man team-up

I'm on an episode of Mike Dawson's and Alex Robinson's Ink Panthers podcast.

Not sure much about this, except I think it's really beautiful. Jean Josef Jesus at Arthur magazine - check it out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TCAF, I'm coming for you

Rambo 3.5

Heading to Toronto on Friday for the great TCAF. Hope to see all of you there! I will have copies of my new mini-comic Rambo 3.5, my usual assortment of books (Afrodisiac, Street Angel, One Model Nation, Guild), a few copies of the PLAIN Janes and Janes in Love (and I'm tabling next to Young Adult novelist and Janes co-creator, Cecil Castellucci so you could have her sign them and write something nice), color prints, iron-ons, stickers, and original artwork (ranging from loose sketches and illustrations all the way to finished pages).

On Saturday morning, I'm participating in a panel, hopefully we're not all still asleep:

How You Draw: How Does Art Affect Story?
Saturday, May 8th, 9:30 – 10:15am, Learning Center 1 (1st floor, in the main atrium space)

People make comics to tell stories. But how are those stories affected by the art style they’re told in? What are the ways that art style change the content, audience, and storytelling for a comic? Do artists choose their style, or does their style choose them? Featuring Dave Roman, Salgood Sam, Jim Rugg, James Turner, and Abby Denson. Moderated by Walter Dickinson.


Multiversity Comics recently interviewed me.

The National Post interviewed a bunch of TCAF participants. This is mine.

Amber Love posted our interview at The Girls Entertainment Network.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Cartoonist and author Rina Ayuyang will be reading selections from her graphic novel "Whirlwind Wonderland" at the Toonseum.

Monday, May 17, 2010, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
I'll be talking at the Carnegie Library in Oakland for their graphic novel discussion group. Please check it out so I am not talking to myself.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Rina Ayuyang at the Toonseum

Illustration Ale label
Cartoonist and author Rina Ayuyang will be reading selections from her graphic novel "Whirlwind Wonderland" at Pittsburgh's Toonseum on Wednesday, May 5th at 6:00 p.m.

Rina, a former Pittsburgher, Will be sharing her stories and illustrations of her life in Pittsburgh and more. Using heart, humor and beautifully illustrated comics, "Whirlwind Wonderland" follows the life-altering exploits of a somewhat-normal Filipino American girl as she meanders through sleepy suburban sprawls, empty diners, fantasy-filled commuter traffic jams, misplaced football fanaticism, ethnic identity crash courses, and just good ole family hi-jinx.

Rina Ayuyang first became interested in cartooning while growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she spent her days drawing on various scraps of paper, watching Merrie Melodies cartoons, and reading Peanuts comic strips. After focusing many years on painting and conceptual art in San Francisco, she reunited with her first love--comics--in 2001, and began self-publishing "Namby Pamby", a semi-autobiographical series which focused on the humorous side of the ordinary, everyday moments of one's life. Rina has just released her first graphic novel with Portland publishers Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press entitled "Whirlwind Wonderland", a collection of new shorts stories and selected favorites from "Namby Pamby".

More of Rina's comics work can be found in various comic anthologies, notably Stripburger, SPX 2005, and Friends of Lulu's Girls Guide to Guys Stuff. Besides drawing comics, she has co-founded an online magazine called Creative Skin ( which has showcased the work of writers, photographers and cartoonists from around the globe. She currently co-hosts The Comix Claptrap, a comics podcast with fellow Bay Area cartoonist Thien Pham in which they interview influential cartoonists and discuss various issues concerning the comics and small press community.

Rina currently resides in Oakland, California, with her husband, son and cat. You can view more of her work at her website and blog,

Rina will be signing copies of her book after the presentation.

May 5th, 6:00pm
Free admission, donations welcome
The ToonSeum
945 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SPACE, T. Edward Bak, and CMU Comic Book Club

Monsters & Dames

S.P.A.C.E. was great this year. I have attended this show a half dozen times in the past ten years, and it's always been a favorite. But this year was the best one so far! New location, lots of great looking art, wonderful atmosphere. I had a good time. Thanks to Bob Corby (the show's organizer) and all of the people who participated and attended the event.

T. Edward Bak, one of my favorite cartoonists, is selling original drawings from his graphic novel-in-progress, Wild Man. It is currently being serialized in Fantagraphics anthology, MOME. You can learn more about this worthwhile work and fundraiser at his blog. Please check it out. At the very least, you'll get to see some exciting, new comics, and if they tickle your fancy, it's a chance to buy some beautiful artwork at ridiculously low prices.

TONIGHT - CMU has been doing monthly comics lectures. Bill Boichel (Copacetic Comics mastermind) will be talking tonight about Punk Culture and the Development of the Direct Market. Come out and learn comics stuff, people! Here's the info:

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: CMU, Doherty Hall A310
Street: 5000 Forbes Avenue
City/Town: Pittsburgh, PA