Friday, October 9, 2009


Brian Maruca and I have a 4 page Brother Voodoo story in Marvel's Strange Tales 2. It's available now! Hurry! Go get one before it's too late.

Issue 1 sold out, you know?

Contributors include Peter Bagge, Jacob Chabot, R. Kikuo Johnson, Jonathan Hickman, Max Cannon, Matt Kindt, Michael Kupperman, and Tony Millionaire. Quite a crew. Don't miss out. This is THE comic book you want rolled up in your back pocket to impress the gals or guys. 


  1. My friend Freddy Wertham loved the eye poking scene. And I like the phrase "Macho il serpente!". Good Job!

  2. I'm glad it finally got printed. All of these comics were done years ago, right? The cover says '03. When was your story done?

    Il Serpente's costume is great and hilarious. You guys told a whole story in 4 pages. Nicley done! It's good to see Zombie Socrates survived to the end.