Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Portland was AWESOME! I want to thank everyone who came out Saturday night and braved the unusually cold temperatures to hang out at Floating World Comics. Met a lot of people and had a wonderful time. Special thanks to Courtney, Joe Keatinge, Jamie Rich, and Jasion Leivian. Although I could list like a million others. I always hear about what a great town Portland is for cartoonists and comic books, and now I know their secret - it's actually WAY better than they say it is.

Alright enough of that schmoozing already. Back to comics - my trusted co-writer, Brian Maruca, and I have a strip in the latest issue of Dark Horse Presents. Editor Scott Allie describes it as "the tale of a very, very weird hero." I'd like to think of it as a hero we all need right now, as one golf great falls from glory, it's good to know Duke Armstrong's out there fighting the good fight. Better yet, why don't you decide for yourself, after all, it's FREE to read!

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