Sunday, September 5, 2010

Read Rambo 3.5 for FREE

Rambo 3.5 is nominated for the Outstanding Mini-Comic Ignatz Award at SPX this Saturday. In an effort to prepare voters for this responsibility, we have decided to post Rambo 3.5 online for educational purposes (we'll also have copies available at the show!).


Please be sure and forward this to all of your friends, make torrents, shout from the rooftops, etc.

If you're attending SPX, I'll be at the Adhouse Books table with a couple of new things for you to check out - a collection of commissions (most of which you can see on my Flickr account), COMIXED UP (a zine/mini-comic of cartoon and comic character mash-ups), and the new issue of PAPERCUTTER (with an all-new, never-before-seen Bald Eagle one pager co-written with Brian Maruca):

I'm also doing a panel on Sunday:

Commercial Eruptions

4:00 | Brookside Conference Room

Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Afrodisiac) and Frank Santoro (Storeyville, Cold Heat) have produced auteurial work that shows the influence of commercial comics, and have brought an independent sensibility to work for publishers like Marvel Comics. In a conversation moderated by Tim Hodler, the two cartoonists will reflect on what they have learned from the contents and processes of historical commercial comics and how they reinterpret their influences when working for corporate publishers.

Finally, I contributed a short strip to the new Fort Thunder Monster anthology which debuts at SPX (and I couldn't be more excited to see)!


  1. t'was awesome. glad you posted it!!! i read it on my TV using my PS3, which i think is a hilarious/awesomely ridiculous way to read a mini-comic. anyway, i'm glad you put it on Flickr cause i don't think it woulda worked otherwise.

  2. Hey Jim,
    First time writing in to your blog, but I wanted to let you know I DIDN"T read Rambo 3.5 for free, I paid for it right here at Lucky's Comics in Vancouver-- the coolest store in the city. Gabe and his helfling Ben are super dedicated to getting in the more obscure and shamefully under appreciated titles-- which led to my finding the item in question.
    And good thing, too! It's one of my favorite small-press comics ever. I may have it memorized line for line, and I'd love to know more about the process of getting it on paper... there seems to be a lot of different techniques at work there. Anyways, congratulations on the Eisner nod... You've got a new fan!