Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Vietnam: 20,000 BC!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition will include an Afrodisiac piece (for the third consecutive year)!!! As a result of their endorsement, I've decided to create a color print based on this piece for Adhouse's Afrodisiac Limited Edition. Speaking of the awesome Adhouse Books, they are having a Holiday sale on a lot of their great books, including Superior Showcase #3 (featuring a 10 page Street Angel story) for only a buck! Some other noteworthy books include James Jean's latest Process Recess, Jamie Tanner's Aviary for only 5 bucks (love this book), Johnny Hiro, Josh Cotter's Driven by Lemons.

Here are a couple of color versions of the Afrodisiac Vietnam: 20,000 BC cover. These aren't the final print, but I'm getting closer.

20,000 BC black light

20,000 BC color

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  1. Congratulations! With the hot, neon colors, the first color version cries out to be printed on black velvet.