Friday, November 20, 2009


Monsters & Dames 3

Hey, dear readers and friends, SLG is having a huge sale through Monday - 40% OFF of everything! Apparently this is due to some financial bumps-in-the-road, so I ask that you consider browsing their wide selection of books, comics, toys, t-shirts, posters, prints, and see if something grabs your eye. Lots of great cartoonists are represented and you could probably finish all your Christmas shopping before the Black Friday madness arrives next week and engulfs us all.

If you've been on the fence about Street Angel, this is your golden opportunity. The new print looks great - better paper, crisp printing, and now - 40% OFF. Too good to be true. Who wouldn't love to wake up Christmas morning and unwrap a shiny, new trade paperback of Street Angel? I dare say, that old coot, Ebenezer Scrooge himself would buckle under the humor and good cheer of the Princess of Poverty.

Some other recommendations from me:

Evan Dorkin is one of my favorite cartoonists. Personal recommendations are Dork #7 (a sorta funny, very revealing look at the creative trials and tribulations of one of America's great cartoonists) and Dork #11 (a nonstop onslaught of gags, that makes me think Evan likes to punish himself, truly a spectacular comic book achievement, and my highest recommendation to fans of funny).

James Turner has done a number of interesting comics with SLG, like the graphic novel Nil (emphasis on both graphic and novel) and the awesome librarian series - Rex Libris. And check this out, you can snag issue one of Rex Libris for FREE! This is like better than internet porn, people.

Derf is an alt weekly cartoonist, widely known for his strip Derf City. He's a multi-talented gent who has also produced his share of long form comics. I highly recommend Dahmer, if you have any interest in serial killers at all. Derf went to high school with Dahmer, and years after Dahmer died in prison, he made this comic book. My arm chair hobby is to criticize Hollywood depictions (glorification) of serial killers. With this in mind, Dahmer delivers the goods. Very unsettling, but not in the ways you might expect.

Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is a perennial favorite.

Ariel Schrag's Likewise - autobiographical comics from a very young cartoonist (at the time).

SLG published a line of Disney comics at one point, including such gems as Tron, Haunted Mansion, Gargoyles, and the stunningly beautiful Wonderland.

I know I'm forgetting tons of great material, so go browse for yourself. SLG also carries a ton of non-SLG books and merchandise. If you're thinking of buying some comics online in the near future, or your sitting in your cube on a Friday afternoon waiting desperately for Happy Hour, do yourself a favor and check out this sale.

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