Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ninja, the Comics Reporter's Opinion of Afrodisiac, and the iPad


Tom Spurgeon reviews Afrodisiac at the Comics Reporter: "Afrodisiac is an extremely handsome book that fosters 10,000 giggles."

David Brother suggests an alternative to the iPad that Afrodisiac fans will surely agree with.

And here are two illustrations I did for an article about ninjas for McSweeney's. At the twelfth hour the story was cut, and sadly, so were my drawings. That's okay though, cause I wouldn't have drawn them otherwise.

See how many ninjas you can find in the image below. And go buy Afrodisiac, in better comic book stores everywhere.



  1. I really want that last one to be hanging on my wall! Any chance of a print? Very nice, can't wait for my copy of Afrodisiac to arrive.


  2. Hi Jim, I'm the guy who wrote the ninja article in question. Dave Eggers and co were very cool snd apologetic about how things worked out, and I've since been advised that the piece will probably run in their Believer magazine over the next couple of months. In the meantime I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on some beautiful artwork. Really sorry we didn't quite get to work together on this one. Any chance I could buy a print from you? With best wishes from Japan, Stephen Phelan (