Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Afrodisiac limited print
Finished the Afrodisiac print that will be part of the Afrodisiac Deluxe Limited Edition from Adhouse Books (I think Adhouse refers to it as "Afrodisiac Limited Edition", but come's Afrodisiac, doesn't "Deluxe" seem appropriate?). Now I am working on the dust jacket that is part of that edition.

David Brothers of 4thletter! wrote a thorough and highly complimentary Afrodisiac review: "It’s kind of a love letter to blaxploitation, but filtered through the style, feel, and design of ’70s Marvel comics. It’s also really, really good. If it had come out in 2009, Parker: The Hunter, Asterios Polyp, and Pluto would’ve suddenly been part of a Top 4, instead of a Top 3."

Afrodisiac also appears in the January edition of Maxim (is it me, or is Michelle Rodriguez eyeball f***ing Mack Midnight in this spread?):

Brian Cronin reviews Street Angel as part of CBR's Year of Cool Comics: "It is a great series."

Here are a few One Model Nation reviews:

"The art by Rugg and colorist, Jon Fell, is spot-on given the story arc: severe paneling and juxtapositions of bright color with monotones."
- Jason Rosas,

"At $18, One Model Nation is a good ol’ fashioned pseudo-biographical rock and roll yarn—no facts necessary."
- Jack Winn, Racket Magazine

"Jim Rugg’s illustrations are edgy, not at all like many of the Superman or Batman (or even Watchman or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) comics I’ve read. This is a sparser picture with less color, preferring black and white with lots of muddy reds. The dialogue is equally sparse, letting the mood of the illustrations carry the work. It is very effective."
- Janie Franz

"Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor joins the very small group of musicians who have created their own comics—and the even smaller group who have managed to produce rather good ones."
- J. Caleb Mozzocco, Las Vegas Weekly

As always, if you're a book or comics reviewer and you'd like a review copy, please email me.

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