Friday, January 29, 2010

Afrodisiac updates

I've gotten a few reports of Afrodisiac selling out at stores across the country!

Meltdown Comics
Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (apparently some heroes are)
Alternate Reality Comics who give the book a nice review including this tidbit about his ordering process: "The reason I ordered so conservatively on Afrodisiac was because I initially thought that this would just be a one note graphic novel (and it kind of is, but Jim Rugg plays this one note really well) and I didn't think its audience needed to have this in the hardcover format this book is in. Well color me dumb, because Afrodisiac fires on all cylinders, is in full color, and has great production values throughout so the $14.95 price for this hardcover is a great deal and I don't think people will flinch at the price when they flip through this book."

Fear not, true believers, your store can re-order copies through Diamond and have them for you in a week or two. So if you haven't gotten your copy yet, tell your local comic book guy.

To everyone who has picked up the book so far, thank you!

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  1. It's great stuff, man. I can't wait to get mine signed/sketched in this Sunday.