Monday, February 1, 2010

33 and some other junk

My eight year old niece frequently draws me pictures. Sometimes they feature my cats, occasionally they feature chickens (which I now claim are Afroduck), and lately they've been about dinosaurs. I like how she signed this one in a word balloon. I also like that she draws the dinosaurs in profile and includes a volcano/mountain in the background. It's exactly the sort of thing I used to do!

Couple of links:

I participated in Comic Book Resources latest What Are You Reading column? A bit long-winded on my part, but I didn't have time to edit it as thoroughly as I should have. If you're curious what I've been reading lately, this will give you some insight.

Elsewhere on Comic Book Resources, Brian Cronin reviews Afrodisiac, "Rugg and Maruca do a marvelous job of coming up with interesting stories set in each different time period, which is especially noteworthy considering the fact that "a superhero pimp" does not necessarily adapt itself well to all genres."

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