Friday, February 12, 2010

Afrodisiac Call for Entries

Afrodisiac vs. Dragonfly original art

Sharpen those crayonz, boys and girls, and spread the word. Adhouse Books presents:

Objet d'Afro

You are invited to the online Player's Ball of art shows, "Objet d'Afro" on Flickr. Objet d'Afro highlights the obvious awesomeness of everyone's favorite superhero, the Afrodisiac.

Here's what we want - post a picture on our Flickr group of an Afrodisiac art pick the pick the everything. All mediums of art; whether it be painting, graphic art, sculpting, drawing, sketching, fake ads, short strips, or gluing an afro on a Ken doll. All categories are welcome, as are entrants from all countries....whatever...go nuts. If you don't have a Flickr account, send us the picture...or the art thing...and we'll post it for you.

We'll have some awesome prizes for the king of the long shoe (art) game.

King Daddy: a piece of original art featuring Afrodisiac vs Dragonfly (see above)
Poppa-stoppa: a deluxe edition of the Afrodisiac and a signed copy of the Street Angel trade paperback
Cigarette Pimp: a signed copy of Afrodisiac

Honorable mention(s) will recieve a signed Afrodisiac print.

The contest will run from now (get going) through the end of March. Winners will be named by April 15, 2010.

[bottom line: this is an art contest based on the Afrodisiac character created by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca and published by AdHouse Books. Creative content will be displayed on Flickr - Objet d'Afro - An Afrodisiac Art Appreciation Group. Jim, Brian, and Chris (AdHouse) will moderate the forum and determine a winner. Anyone who bitches and complains can stop being a jerk right now...we're trying to have a neat little thing, don't ruin it for everyone else.]


  1. it's ON, son! what email address should I email my SWEET Afrodisiac piece to?

  2. send it to me:

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

  3. word. I'm gonna have fun with this!