Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Southern tour recap

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Success! Complete Success!

Back from the southern tour to find 18 inches of snow and 6-10 in the forecast for tonight. Hmmm...any other sourthern stores interested in some Afrodisiac love?

I had a great trip and want to thank everyone who braved the elements to come out and see us at Velocity Comics, Chapel Hill Comics, and Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. This was the first time I've done anything with a comics store outside of my hometown, and was overwhelmed with everyone's kindness and support from the store employees to readers both new and old.

Velocity Comics hosted an Afrodisiac art contest on Friday night. The entries blew me away. Here is a post about illustrator Richie Pope's piece. And here is the Julia Scott's winning entry. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement later this week about an online Afrodisiac art show!

I managed to pick up a few cool comics along the way, including a couple of issues from Kirby's excellent 2001 series (thanks to Heroes).

Got to hang out at Dustin Harbin's a bit. Seeing his comics in various stages of completion was absolutely jaw-dropping - both inspiring and intimidating.

Finally, the good folks at 11 O'Clock Comics podcast discuss Afrodisiac in episode 94 (afrotalk begins around the 1:30:15 mark).

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