Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Afrodisiac reviews + southern tour reminder

First, a reminder for readers in Richmond, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte - come out and see us this weekend! I'm super excited to visit Velocity Comics (Friday evening 6 - ?), Chapel Hill Comics (Saturday evening 6 - 9), and Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (Sunday 2 - 5), and I hope you can make it to one of these stores. We had a small book release party this past weekend at Pittsburgh's Toonseum, and I think everyone there enjoyed themselves. Here's a report from that event. Early weather reports are...interesting. So keep your eyes peeled as we may move the events up a bit Friday and/or Saturday to try to accommodate a raging Mother Nature.

Enough of that. Onto some more Afrodisiac reviews!!!

Chris Sims from Chris's Invincible Super-Blog gives us a nice review. You'll have to scroll down the page past Batman and Robin, Captain America, and the Punisher to get to this tidbit: "If you’ve read Jim Rugg mand Brian Maruca’s Street Angel, then you’re already at least a little familiar with Afrodisiac, and you probably understand why this is so awesome. With Afrodisiac, Rugg and Maruca are doing a tribute to Blaxploitation movies (and their accompanying Bronze Age comics) that takes the offbeat formula of Street Angel and does it a hundred times more over the top. And it is beautiful." From reading the comments section, it seems like Chris tends to review a lot of Marvel and DC fare. I love a lot of different kinds of comics, so I like the idea of a Marvel or DC fan checking out our book!

Speaking of which, skip over to The Manga Curmudgeon to see how we stack up with reviewers who tend to focus their attention on manga! "Rugg and Maruca are smart enough to keep their creation in sketch contents, assembling an amusing “best of” volume of adventures that satirize both blaxploitation and, to a lesser extent, the ups and downs of a super-hero franchise."

Veteran online comics reviewer, Johnny Bacardi, weighs in at Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie No. 2 (we're right below the Blackest Night: Starman #81 review): "...well, it’s not exactly a homage, or a tribute, or even a satire of 1970’s vintage Blaxploitation movies and comics…it kinda defies categorization, actually. And if this semi-surreal account of a smooth-lovin’, jive-talkin’, smackdown-bringin bad mother shut-your-mouth who faces weird menaces and always comes out on top (and is absolutely irresistible to the foxy mamas, too) comes across as a blend of Shaft, Superfly, Luke Cage, Herbie Popnecker, and the Flaming Carrot, well, let’s just say that there’s very little that’s new under the sun and enjoy this..."

Matt Seneca offers up one of the most in-depth reviews of our work that I've ever read on his blog, Death to the Universe (scroll past the Batman and Robin review to get to Afrodisiac). "Afrodisiac, too, is a comic about comics, striving not to create a self-contained little world for the reader to be sucked into, but rather to send you scrambling for your Master Of Kung-Fu back issues. This book's aim is to take all the little bits that were cool, sexy, weird about the Bronze Age's exploitation-style comics, and make a comic that contains nothing but them -- a comic where the main character and plotline is that very weirdness. A celebration. It's a raging success."

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