Monday, March 1, 2010

How the West Was Weird

How the West Was Weird

Zombie towns - gunslinging exorcists - Aztec vampires - and lots more stuff your history teacher never told you about... 'cause she was scared!

How the West Was Weird is a new anthology from Pulpwork Press. The book features nine tales of the weird, wild west, by the likes of Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Josh Reynolds, and more. All wrapped up in a cover by me.

Russ Anderson, the editor of this anthology, contacted me about a year and half ago about doing a cover for a western anthology he was putting together. He liked another cover I had done for Out of the Gutter:

Out of the Gutter

He also commissioned an Afrodisiac piece for SPX 08:

Afrodisiac pirates

That's a digression. Back to the west...after a couple of emails, I drew some cover roughs. And revised those, until we arrived at the final image (at the top of this post).

I had forgotten about this version. It's a lot more comic book and less pulp. I like the green of the alien's hand in this one.

How the West Was Weird comic panel

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon or Pulpwork Press.

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