Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March is Afrodisiac month

iFanboy declares Afrodisiac - Book of the Month (March)! "With Afrodisiac, you’ve got something that only exists in comics, which are always my favorites. By blending the different historical eras of comics, and their specific graphic looks, with blaxploitation films, and superhero tropes, we’re left with something new, an explosion of comic fun and silliness. The whole book is a packaged experience that delighted and surprised me in new ways, and delivered a whole lot of not-sure-if-I-should-be-laughing-at-this laughs. The whole thing works together as one package, and at 96 pages, it’s damn near perfect."

Justin Giampaoli, from 13 Minutes, names Afrodisiac the Graphic Novel of the Month! "We’re treated to ghetto versions of Thor, Captain America, and Spider-Man, but also touch on Kung Fu properties, EC’s horror line, a Mignola-esque two page spread with Dikembe the lion (itself probably a Jack Kirby Black Panther riff), Dell’s funny animals, manga, Kirby’s 1950’s romance work, a Jack Cole style Christmas card you typically would have found in Playboy, and even see Afrodisiac as a Saturday morning cartoon bearing the general aesthetic of Super Friends."

INTERVIEW: Tim O'Shea from Robot 6 and I recently traded emails. You can see the results here.

Last but certainly not least, Objet d'Afro continues onward. You still have a month to get in on the contest so run, don't walk your ass over there and have a look.

Mike Shea

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