Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pittsburgh City Paper, Toonseum, Podcasts...

Afrodisiac graces the cover of our local alt newspaper this week! If you're from Pittsburgh, keep your eyes peeled for a copy. If you aren't local, shame on you, er...I mean, here's a link to the article.

Pepsi is funding "Good Ideas" and the Toonseum wants to create a superhero day in Pittsburgh. Go here, learn more about it, and help make it happen! 

The Toonseum is also hosting a new exhibit, Cartoons Covered: The Art of the Pittsburgh City Paper, beginning Friday (March 19th).

I listen to a lot of podcasts these days while I work. Lately a few have shone their spotlights on Afrodisiac. At Emerald City, I realized just how influential this burgeoning new media is as a large number of readers informed me that various podcasts are how they learned about the book. With that in mind, here are links to a few of the podcasts that have taken time to cover Afrodisiac. If you like comics and like listening to people discuss them, check out some of these shows:
11 O'clock Comics
the Pull List
Comic Book Pitt
Comic Geek Speak

Afrodisiac pops up a couple of times in this article about the state of comics retailing. We did a signing in February at Neal's store, Chapel Hill Comics.

Finally, Objet d'Afro, the Afrodisiac art contest champions onward! There's still time to get an entry into this contest. So get movin', people, before it's too late! Or just click over to the gallery and enjoy the scenery. Here's a cool pinup by Pete Toms. Enjoy!


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  2. Me and some of the writers of How the West Was Weird were interviewed at the Book Cave, and we talked you up quite a bit near the end (though I erroneously said Street Angel was published by AdHouse):